When we visited Oak Tree, we liked all the facilities, specially the order and neatness, and their staff. We felt the peace we were looking for. We like their focus on reading and we love how they motivate kids and how they learn through play while having fun.

For us, it is a very practical kinder, we don´t need to think about complicated costumes or special outfits for each activity and yet all activities are always very nice. We can definitely feel the love in everything they do in kindergarten. For our family, Oak Tree represents a support to our daily lives, our daughters feel happy and loved, their teachers are special people for them, they teach them and give them affection, aspects that every child needs and values. The best thing about Oak Tree is certainly its staff.

Our daughters love the special days in which mom, dad or grandparents can go and be with them in “their world”. They also enjoy their special classes: yoga, gym and music as they constantly tell us things they do during that time.

We are very happy with Oak Tree, with all what it offers us for the care, education and fun of our daughters.