Our Story

After working together for over a decade in several educational contexts, with more than 20 years of experience and training in the educational field and having assumed the great adventure of being mothers, we began experimenting the preschool stage of our own children. During this time, we discovered the opportunity to create a place that was unique and full of love, to offer every child significant experiences to love learning for life. Years later, we have put our preparation, personal and professional experience, and all our heart in a project that offers quality education, family support, and above all: the love that every child deserves This way, holding God´s hand, Oak Tree School started.

Why Oak Tree


Our methodology seeks to provide children with cognitive, psychomotor, linguistic, and socio emotional experiences that enrich their lives; as well as facilitate the integral development of their potential in the diverse areas of their personality and future learning. We work hard to empower self concept and self esteem, helping every child to love and respect themselves as they are, in a warm, nurturing environment.

Language arts approach

Research shows early childhood experiences provide a foundation for literacy. We must ensure that all children enter school ready to read, as learning to read and write is critical for a success in school and throughout life. By starting early, we recognize learning to read begins long before a child enters school. By singing, talking, reading, and many other carefully designed significant activities offered to our children at Oak Tree School, we develop skills necessary to learn how to talk and read while developing appreciation for literacy.

Family Involvement

At Oak Tree, we regard the fundamental role of the family in each child´s life. Therefore, we are willing to guide and actively involve families within the educational process through classroom activities, workshops, and fluent home school communication.

The Founders

M.Sc. Melissa Arias Soto

“The educational project at Oak Tree is defined by quality and love”.

Melissa is a preschool teacher with experience in initial learning processes. She has conducted research related to early stimulation in at risk children, as well as teacher practices in preschool classrooms. Since year 2000, se works as a university professor. She has collaborated in the designed of the methodology of the ADA program (www.ada.or.cr), in collaboration with experts at Harvard University. Recently, she published the book Didáctica de la Lectoescritura I y II, text that will be used for teaching preschool teachers in Central America. Melissa is representative for Costa Rica at the World Forum Foundation.

M.Sc. María José Escalante Quirós

“The foundations of Oak Tree are solid, based on love and experience”.

María José is a bilingual education preschool teacher, working from the classroom and as an in service teacher trainer. In 2001, she started the preschool unit at Country Day School in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, where her major challenge was to attend the needs of children ages 2-6, in an integrated and multicultural environment. Since 2005, she participated in the revision of the preschool curriculum in El Salvador in collaboration with Save the Children. During the last years, she has visited multiple preschool classrooms in various countries, such as Chile, El Salvador, and USA; treasuring the most valuable experiences in those places. Actually, she works in ADA’s (www.ada.or.cr) online professional development program as a master trainer.

M.Sc. Mayté Morales Herrera

“At Oak Tree, we shape lives”.

As a preschool teacher specialized in initial education and school managing, Mayté worked for 10 years at Angloamerican School as a classroom teacher and as a principal, leading a staff of 32 teachers. She has developed significant projects as the “Inclusion Program for Special Needs Children”, “Classroom Support in Preschool”, and “Program for Values”, among others. Nowadays, she participates as an in service preschool teacher professor in the areas of language development, quality interactions, and critical thinking for the public sector, as she keeps working directly with children as a preschool teacher and principal at Oak Tree School.

The Team