Age Group


6 months

Nursery 1

15+ months

Nursery 2

2 years 3 months


3 years 3 months

Kindergarden 2

4 years 3 months

Play & Learn

According to the needs of every family, Oak Tree provides a professional caring environment from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Every afternoon is designed with fun themed activities for kids.


Through the wonderful world of stories and children's literature, we will learn the strategies of the greatest readers. Learning to do a summary or ask questions to develop critical thinking is possible from the preschool age.

Science Lab

Week by week we will turn the kindergarten into a laboratory of scientific experiments! As long as we have fun, we will learn to think like great scientists. We will formulate hypotheses and pose possible solutions and results, making our minds more analytical and creative.


Healthy habits, fine motor skills, teamwork and lots of fun! Together we will have a great hands-on experience in the kitchen. We will prepare rich recipes and we will chop, knead and also wash and order. In Cooking we will approach new foods in a fun way.

Art History

In Art History we will explore the greatest artists, discover new techniques and look for creative ways to reproduce the interpretations of the most famous painters. From an early childhood we will develop appreciation for art and sensitivity towards art and creativity.

Recycled Art

As part of our program, we educate children in environmental care. At Recycled Art we work on their awareness of the importance of making proper use of our resources through creative and fun activities.


Yoga Club

Integrates aspects of yoga, language and music in the class. It is taught by a preschool teacher certified in the Yoga Kids Program.


Ballet Club

Play based activities in search to empower chorporal scheme, body awareness, and spatial concepts, as a bridge to strengthen neurophysical development, self esteem, and psychomotricity. It develops curiosity for music, rythm, and movement.

Swimming Club

Getting to be familiar with water environments in a safe and friendly way, with simple and fun play based activities is the main objective of this club. This will enhance independence and safety.

Soccer Club

Soccer club is an introduction for young children to the world’s most popular sport! Children will enjoy specially designed games that happen to use a soccer ball. This "games-based" approach to teaching soccer provides every child the opportunity to develop gross motor skills, social skills, coordination, balance and agility in a stimulating, motivating, educational environment.


In Cooking we will approach new foods in a fun way.


According to the need of our families to keep a healthy diet, we offer our community a home-made, natural, healthy, and balanced menu. Our own nutritionist assures the quality of the menu and the response of our students to the food we offer, promoting the acceptance of new flavors and textures, and the assimilation of a healthy plan; avoiding waste. This proposal is based on healthy eating from a perspective of simplicity in the food itself, as well as the preparation methods, always preferring fresh products prepared daily in our kitchen at Oak Tree.